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Things that make you go WANG

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Incredibuild has died on me. I think it's time I went home. [sad]

So the GDNet London Grand Night Out is tomorrow. It should be fun. It should be hip. It should be cool. And you should be there, baby. It'll make you a star.

I also bought The Moment of Silence today - apparently it only came out today, I hadn't realised. I recognised the name after they sponsored Battlestar Galactica on Sky, and while I'm loathed to actually give money to people who the people who created that abominable advert, it's an adventure game that recieved pretty high reviews from the German magazines (apparently it came out there a little while ago). I'm a sucker for adventure games - my all-time favourite is probably Grim Fandango, though most recently I played through Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon - so I picked it up. It's DVD-only, so I'll have to wait till I get home to play it.

It turns out I was a dolt with regards to the meetup location for tomorrow - I thought the trains on my line went to London Marylebone, but it seems they go to Paddington instead. Oh well. It just means I have to take the tube from Paddington to Marylebone. The plan is to catch the 11:47am from Bicester North, change at Paddington at around 1:15pm, getting to Marylebone at about twenty to two. That should give me time to grab some food before getting set up with my ha[w]t.
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