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Posts two days in a row ... madness

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Why am I even posting? I didn't do anything on the computer ...

Well, I saw The Incredibles (warning: mild spoilers follow). It's a great old-school romp. The high concept is that "supers" had started being sued for things like property damage left after their battles, or injuries sustained from supers who were just doing their jobs (catching a "jumper" in dramatic fashion, then being sued for wrenching his neck instead of allowing him to commit suicide). The government thus outlawed supers due to public pressure, and put them all in a program to give them "normal" lives, and help them relocate or cover their tracks in the case of ... incidents. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are just getting married as the movie starts, and as the timeline fast-forwards 15 years to the present day, they're living normal lives with three kids (two of whom have powers of their own, of course) ... and hating it. The kids especially don't see why they should hide, since they weren't around for all the suing. Dash, for example, wants to enter sports, but his parents won't let him since his competitive nature almost guarentees he'll out himself as a super (100m dash in 0.8 seconds ... nuff said). Violet is my favorite character in the movie. Her invisibility helps accentuate her shyness; she'll turn invisible just as a boy she likes turns to look at her, for example. She also wears her hair over her face, which makes her look like she's hiding even more. Frozone is a buddy of the family, who spends Wednesdays with Mr. Incredible, talking about all the good old days and listening to the police scanner for crimes to stop, just to break up the monotony of the daily grind. Obviously Mr. I just tells his wife they're bowling ...

Anyway, they obviously get drawn back into the heroics. Or there'd be no movie. The kids are more interesting to me here; while the parents get great action sequences as they return to their days of glory and we (and their kids) get to see how competent and baddass they are, the kids are forced very quickly to learn to not only use powers they've repressed, but get inventive about them too. Violet gets much more confident as she suddenly gets free reign to turn invisible at the drop of a hat, and relies on her force fields to protect their very lives. And Dash's face lights up like a Christmas tree when his mom tells him, "at the first sign of trouble, run as fast as you can!" You mean I'm allowed now, Mom? Yay!

It's really standard superheroics, nothing you haven't watched or read a million times, but it's well plotted, very well animated, and the angle of the superhero team also being a big family adds an extra dimension to the characters. Great character moments and great action sequences. Very silver age in tone too, right down to the bad guy island headquarters and a giant robot which couldn't possibly get more B-movie. Since it's just running the formula, it's nothing spectacular. But it does the formula very, very well.

Also got my juicer. Cucumber/celery juice is rather tasty. Sure does take a lot of veggies to get some juice though. But my juicer works great and cleans up fast too. Pretty noisy, but oh well. Purchase originally inspired by this post. Let's see if I can kill myself.

Saturdays are being treated as work days now, since my only Saturday commitment is church at 7:30PM, so let's see if coding can be done tomorrow ...
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Dude, that chase scene with Dash and the bad guys was better than the pod race sequence in Ep I!. Once that boy started running across the water, me and my friends were all cheering.

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