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Great Day

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Friday, November 5th

Finally had an awesome day. Got my bike back, went kite flying, trained hard at the dojo, and saw The Incredibles.

There were like, 30mph wind gusts today, so I hadp to hit the beach, of course. I wish some one had been there to take pictures. I was getting like 8 second hang times! That may not sound long, but count it off in your head and you'll see. One jump, I went so high I looked down past my feet to see the ground. It's the highest I've ever gone, and I know it cause it's the only time I've ever become even slightly worried of the possibility of not coming down again. Seriously. but I did. Hard. I coasted back down as normal, but then the wind gust died about 5 feet above the sand, so I had to roll out. Got sand all over me. I wanted to leave then and rush home for a shower before work, but no way was I packing up after that and leaving, expecially since all the people at the beach had seen me bite it. So I took the kite up again and did some more jumps. Gotta save face you know. I barely had enough time to get home, shower and get to work.

The Incredibles was awesome. I won't ruin it for anyone, but the main thing about it is this: people get killed. Being a Pixar movie, this is a new step for them. I mean you see people get smashed by large objects, shot, blown up... there's no blood or body parts of course but it's just cool. This is also Pixar's first PG rated movie, so the adult-oriented inuendo is even more obvious than in their previous movies. This added a lot to the humor and overall story, which was great. Definetly a must-see x2!!
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