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Well, after talking with a friend tonight about my database program, he suggested that I make it a web based solution. Only problem with that is that the company where I work doesn't have internet. Well, at my friend's suggestion I decided that I would setup Apache, PHP, and MySQL on the computer and come up with a solution that way. I've worked with PHP a bit before and quite enjoyed it, so was kind of happy when he proposed this. I hadn't thought about it before.

My friend walked me through setting all of this stuff up, since he had been through all of it setting up a home server to monitor weather data in realtime from his home weather station (quite a cool project). Had a bit of a problem installing the latest version of Apache, but I went back to the previous release and all was good. PHP and MySQL went smoothly and tomorrow I have a day full of PHP in store for me [smile]. Man, that last sentence confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt my geekiness[lol].

Ah well. Hope this server thing works out. I do think that it'll be better than my previous solution of either VB or Qt though. Qt bearing that large price tag and me not really caring for VB. This server solution seems to be more flexible too (as in not requiring much to add more computers into the system if need be.) If I can talk my boss into letting me setup a LAN in the office, then that'll be pretty cool. Since the office has no outside access, I don't have to worry about any possible security coding, since everyone who has access to the computers has access to all the data.

Should be a fun new experience [smile].
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