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Too lazy to think of a title

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I've started to get slightly burned out on the personal library recoding thing. Well, burned out isn't quite the right description; it's more like I feel need to take a break and do something less predictable. So, I figure I'd alternate with something a little light: re-doing dodecahellspawn.

As I've mentioned, dodecahellspawn is a project I worked on about five years ago (If you want to get technical about it, 4 years, 8 months and 7 days ago). It's an uncommented mess, and basically I have no idea what large parts of it are doing anymore. Actually, considering that it was done primarily over the course of a really long overnighter, I'm not putting money down that I ever truly understood what chunks of it were doing. It was also done at a point where I knew a lot less about graphics prorgramming.

On the off chance anyone else wants to follow along, I'll try to put as many details as possible about the project here. Also, you might need a d12 or two to properly visually things. (If you don't know what a d12 is, then you really aren't enough of a geek to be reading my journal.) If you've got one lying around that you're willing to saw in half, that would probably really help things, but it's not, strictly speaking, necessary. There's already screenshots, both still and moving, of what the current version looks like, so you should have a good idea what the end product looks like. I'll probably be using GL to do this, but I still haven't decided whether to go Python or C++ for the implementation language. (If you have a vote one way or the other, leave a comment.)

It'll be interesting to see how long this takes. As I've said, the first version took basically a day to do, so it isn't too difficult by most standards. (At least as long as you can grok the math.)

Anyways, tommorrow back to the code library, and the day after probably dodecahellspawn again.
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