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Mmmm, Zombies

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Saw House of the Dead last night. It was utter shite until the exact point where there was Zombie carnage. And from that instant, the film rocked hardcore all the way until the end. I'm going to see a film tomorrow about a Zombie Nurse in Love. Should be entertaining. I'm pissed that I missed the early showing of House of Spinning Daggers - I'm now going to have to wait until christmas to see it. Pah, but it serves me right for not prebooking tickets a week in advance.

I got the new A Perfect Circle album, eMOTIVe. I'm not sure what I think of it. So far, Imagine and Passive really stand out to me. It's a cover album, I think, but they have some decent takes on songs. I still prefer Thirteenth Step - Maynard's voice and writing was on top form in that album.

So it was the greatd GDNet London day out today. I was unable to make it, unfortunately. I feel pretty annoyed that I didn't get to go, so am thinking about trying to arrange something more up north, perhaps in Manchester. Madchester is a great city and I'd love to go again, plus it'd be more accessible for us northern monkeys. Would anyone be up for it, I wonder.

When I say Bo, you say Selecta!


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