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Accidental Intricacy

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Fruny posted a link to the CSS Zen Garden in #gamedev the other day ( CSS Zen Garden ), a site which, surprisingly, I've never seen before. Needless to say, being the web-design ignoramus that I am, I was impressed. Nay, floored. For me, web design consists of hacking together a crap-load of ugly tables, shovelling in some paragraphs, tacking on a few random images and calling 'er good. CSS? What the heck is that?

But that Zen Garden site opened my eyes. The submissions there are very professionally done, and exhibit an elegance and artistry that is stunning. It really shows off the power and potential of CSS, enough at any rate to get me interested in something I've never been even remotely interested before.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm starting a new page dedicated to the random level generation stuff, so I siezed upon this opportunity to fiddle around with CSS and to make use of my gdnet web space which has been going largely unused. I introduce to you Accidental Intricacy, a site dedicated to the dissemination of all things randomly generated, and serving as a central download resource for the newly-dubbed Accidental Engine and it's components.

The page is still in its infancy, of course, and none of the existing content has been brought over. I've just been fiddling with things. This is quite literally my first experience with CSS, so I've been learning pretty much everything from scratch (and from a few judiciously 'borrowed' examples; evolutional, if you look at that page, you might find that in some respects it looks eerily familiar [grin] KTHXBYE.)

Anyway, the embryonic site is up, and I'm torn right now between going to bed at a decent hour or grabbing a Mountain Dew and staying up for a few hours more to transport some content over and finish up the layout of the home page. Decisions, decisions...

Caffeine wins again. It always does.
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Have I seen your site before somewhere? [wink]

Check the WebDev forum FAQ for some more juicy CSS links - CSS rocks my Web Development world!

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