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GUI Oooey

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Got some more work on my GUI done last night. I implemented the base widget class, and started to implement the scroll bar widget. I got like a quarter done with that when I realized I shouldn't be trying to combine both horizontal and vertical bars into one class, since they move differently and are set up differently. So I created two child classes to inheret the main scroll bar class to override certain functions so that one behaves as a horizontal scroll bar abd the other a vertical. Much better. Yey OOP. So anyways I started getting into implementing those child classes when I hit a snag. See, I want to have a resizable widget, and that means the slide bar (the image that stretches between the two scroll buttons) and the scroll bar (the image that represents the bar you can click on to drag) have to be resizable as well. I realized I have no good way of doing this. So I took a break to read a book and think it over. Well, I ended up falling asleep, doh! [smile] So I'm still grappling with the resize problem, but I think I have a solution. Hopefully I'll be able to test out the scroll bar widget tonight.
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