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I'm not dead

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Stephen R


I've been getting down to work on Riot2D, as I'm calling my game engine. I'm building it in conjunction with my new game, but mostly I'm working on getting all the core systems into the engine and working properly.

At the moment I'm working on the input and graphics subsystems.

Input I'm handling through DirectInput. I use it to get the keyboard state and the mouse button / z-axis info. I use the GetCursorPos and ScreenToClient functions to get the mouse coordinates because I've never liked the way DirectInput doesn't give you the info in screen coords.

The graphics is mostly being done through the ID3DXSprite interface. One of the features I'm going to need for this game is bitmaped fonts. The implimentation isn't difficult but I'm going to have to spend a while writing a simple font editor. I'm probably going to write it in C#. It's a great language for getting things up and running quickly.

I can't say that much about my new game because me and Dr Default haven't worked out a full plan for the game yet, but if all goes well it should be a good play.
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