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Toy day

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Back when I was big on Transformer collecting (four years or so ago), I used to hit every toy sellers convention I could, as well as make the rounds regularily at the collectors shops for new stuff. Lack of funds has halted that particular habit, but I saw a flier for a show literally within a five minute walk from my place, so I decided to go for fun. That was today. I grabbed a hundred bucks and headed in.

I didn't see any dealers I knew, and one guy was selling his TF's way overpriced (and another had nothing special) but one fellow had a good selection of complete figures at decent prices. I picked up a Thrust for 30 bucks, which is sweet because I don't think I've ever seen one before. Plus it means I have 3 complete Decepticon jets, and if I had Dirge's missiles and one more of Skywarp's missiles, I'd have 5 complete. [cool] I don't have Starcream though, but since Thundercracker and Skywarp are the same mold, I'm not losing sleep.

I also picked up Slamdance and Squawkbox, both of whom I bought more for novelty's sake at 20 bucks a pop (10 per cassette). They're the only cassette combiner teams, and I'd never seen them before either. They're decent.

And finally, some original Autobot cassettes from way back in 1983: Steeljaw and Eject for 15 bucks each. I see now that Eject came with Ramhorn and Steeljaw came with Rewind, so maybe I should have picked up Rewind instead of Eject since then I'd have the set (and they're the same mold anyway). Oh well. Now if I had Ramhorn and Slugfest, I'd have every cassette mold. And if I had Buzzsaw and Rewind on top of that, I'd have every cassette, period. Sweet. Steeljaw has a nice lion mode, contrasting well with Ravage's panther mode. I think he's my favorite purchase.

So altogether, he mugged me for a hundred bucks. Fair enough for what I got; expensive, but not overpriced. He also had some really nice stuff there, like a Fortress Maximus, and Scorponok. Lots of complete teams too, like the Predacons, Technobots, Terrorcons, etc. But that's too rich for me. He also had some alternate TF's released in Argentina, like a green Bumblebee, or a yellow Windcharger. Kind of neat.
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