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Hades Demo v1.0

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I finally got around to putting what I have for my Hades engine together in a little demo application. If you have a graphics card that support pixel and vertex shader version 2.0 and have DirectX 9c installed I would appreciate it you could try it and let me know if it runs. If it doesn't there should be some log files in the folder... maybe you could post them as a comment [smile]

Hades Engine Test

It is a per-pixel lit column with specular highlighting and bump mapping. A directional light rotates around it on the XZ plane. My HEF model format is used and textures are loaded from a ZIP file. There is a couple of HLSL file in there as well.
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It worked with my non-ps/vs 2.0 card. Maybe this was added after you posted. But here is the snip of the log.

[HED3DDevice]: Use of programmable shaders activated (VS1.1, PS1.1)
[HED3DDevice]: Maximum vertex shader profile is vs_1_1
[HED3DDevice]: OneTimeInit() complete
[HED3DDevice]: Maximum vertex shader profile is vs_1_1
[HED3DDevice]: Maximum pixel shader profile is ps_1_4

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Thanks for the feedback Mozie - I really appreciate it! I have fixed the issue with the log in my engine now. It should just report to you the maximum VS and PS versions your card can support as active (e.g. in the grass demos).

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