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Gamedev Horoscopes!

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Yep, after trying my hands on news reporting, I'm gonna post weekly horoscopes now.
After seeing all those "business horoscopes" and "love horoscopes" and "type of feces horscopes" I thought why can't we have a game development horoscope? So I decided to set up one by my divine powers! BEHOLD!

  • Aries:
    Watch out for missing semicolons. Party in question makes a move, good learning opportunity is missed.

  • Taurus:
    Do not trust your optimizer; this is not your lucky week. You will not get laid this week either.

  • Gemini:
    Relax and enjoy your week. A lot of work to come, but you will slack it all off. First step towards being a real game maker.

  • Cancer:
    You're hopeless; might as well try commiting suicide, or catching cancer. Your code will laugh at you and your characters will be messed up. Try locking yourself in closet to avoid humiliation.

  • Leo:
    3D models will require some work. Do not be afraid of radical changes. Plants need to be watered twice a week.

  • Virgo:
    Hardware support has never been this way before. Network monitoring will give a surprise. Keep your eyes open.

  • Libra:
    Settle down for less-than-expected results. Being greedy will bring bad luck to you and your neighbours up to 40 houses in each direction. Beware of the young fellows.

  • Scorpio:
    Surprised visit will slow down your progress in your project. Do not suppress your feelings, development will be swift again shortly.

  • Sagittarius:
    This is your most awesome time because you're born under the same sign as me, which means everything will just be perfect. Do not be scared of charging ahead. You will not get any code written though.

  • Capricorn:
    Missed deadlines are most painful, avoid them at all costs. Dark man will hinder your performance, KILL HIM! They're always after you.

  • Aquarius:
    Try to look at some of your previous work, you will learn great lessons. Manage your time wisely, and make frequent back-ups. Your lazy side must not get a hold of you.

  • Pisces:
    Your code and graphics will be just like your life. Learn lessons from each one and adjust the other one to appear the same. Failure to do so will result in a curse from the elderly. Do not send that email you were thinking about.

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Dammit! I wasn't going to play Maplestory tonight (too much work to do) but if the party's gonna do something!!! grr....

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