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Post-election blues

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Myopic Rhino


Weekly weigh-in: 241.0

I'm still kind of bummed over the election. I was never really pro-Kerry, and I'm not even really a Democrat, but I really felt that Bush needed to be held accountable for numerous major screwups, and that didn't happen. Worse, he now obviously feels that he has a mandate to do whatever the hell he wants to do ("I've got capitol to spend"), apparently including digging us into an even bigger debt hole. For all his talk of tax-and-spend liberals, he seems determined to set a new standard as a cut-tax-and-spend neocon.

There was one bright spot in the election for me. The incumbant representative from the district I used to live in in Utah is Jim Matheson, son of popular former Utah governor Scott Matheson. He's a Democrat, but a Utah Democrat is probably a moderate Republican in pretty much any other state in the union, and in any case he's a damn fine human being and good politician. After his election 2 years ago, state Republicans were so upset that a Democrat finally one a national seat that they decided to rezone the districts in an attempt to split up his Democratic base (which was centered in Salt Lake). Despite their efforts, Matheson managed to win again. I don't live there anymore, but it still counts as a small victory in my eyes.
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Yeah, my main focus right now is burning fat. I'm lifting weights as well, but since I'm trying to lose weight I can't eat appropriately for major gains. I'm still gaining *some* muscle, though, since I'm getting stronger and growing.

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