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  • Random Observation of the Day!
    I haven't touched programming stuff (including this site [sad]) for something like a week. Ever since I learned of Maplestory... PEOPLE!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT PLAY MAPLESTORY!!!! The servers are getting crowded [wink]

Yeah, I think I figured out why women aren't attracted to me. Well, they are attracted to me (I'm not that bad looking) but once they get to know me they kind of lose interest.

It's because I'm boring

That's right boring. I really have no social life, and am extremely intraverted. You can come up to me, and I'll come up with the most boring response just to get you to bugger off. This has been so built into my personality, I naturally do it, even to hot chicks!

So, I really have to work on this, because ... well, you can figure out reasons. DAMMIT!
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Aw, its ok buddy, you always have Maplestory.

Oh and by the way, i have been playing maplestory for a good two weeks now, and CURSES UPON YOU because all facets of normal life (well...more like 'normal' life) have ended.

but i love maplestory ;)


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I love Maple Story, too. I have no regrets!

Also, women don't even notice me. It's not so bad, because it means that I have more time for Maple Story and homework.

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Speaking of boring: have you noticed that hardly anyones writes down comments now that you mostly write about Maple Story?

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