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It controls my life.

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As our collective frend Mushu will tell you, dont play Maplestory. It abseloutely controls your life. Well..it does for me at least. I cant get away..everywhere i see snails and zombie shrooms and..ahhhhhhh....i must gouge eyes out with spoon.

Anyway, i have been working (in my 30 minutes of lunch break every day :P ) on a dialog box class, and am trying to figure out how to get it to work. I want to be able to have multiple dialog boxes loaded (through XML) - but it is kinda funky because the dialog class uses a .ttf file and an image, so if i have more than one instance it causes a sharing violation. So, i think i will have to load the dialogs into a vector of a struct with all of the properties, but i dont know if that would be extremely slow or not. Grahhh! *dies*

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Yeah, Maplestory is teh ev1l!!!

btw, what's your character nick? I'm "MagicalMushu"; if you're high enough level (which you *should* be after 2 weeks) we should go kill some stuff together... you know, find some shrooms, and... [lol]

This is taking away from my gametime, so I have to stop. =P

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The problem is that as soon as I'm able to reasonably break my addiction to Maplestory (I haven't played it too much in the last day or two), I'm simply replacing it with another addiction as of 12:01am, Halo 2.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


maplestory...your evil...evil you and your evil...addictinness...yeah well what level are you?
im probly qa higher levvel then you

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