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Zombie Game

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Here's some ideas I've been throwing together.


The Zombies follow two styles. Firstly, there is the traditional slow-moving Zombie that walks slowly towards their prey. They're not dangerous alone (unless you get too close) but are deadly in large numbers as they overwhelm their prey. The second style of Zombie is the newer 'Hollywood' Zombie that is faster and more aggressive. These Zombies are capable of running towards their target and present much more of a threat in single numbers.


Melee Weapons

Baseball bat - Short range, blunt force impact weapon
Machete - Short range, sharp edge weapon
Chainsaw - Short range, rotating edge weapon
Spear/Javelin - Medium Range, Sharp edge weapon
Bare Hands/Fists - Short range, weak blunt force impact weapon

Short Ranged Weapons

Shotgun - High damage at short range, scatters shot at medium range. Innacurate, slow to reload
Flamethrower - Massive burning damage at a short range. Capable of damaging several characters at once

Medium Range Weapons

Pistol - Single shot pistol; highly accurate but limited clip size
Uzi - Handheld automatic weapon; accuracy is low but there's a high firing rate to compensate
M-15 - Army-standard machine gun. More accurate than an Uzi
Minigun - Multiple rotating barrels. Stupidly fast firing rate, will destroy wide ranges of entities quickly

Long-Range Weapons

Sniper Rifle - Single shot, low reload rate. Highly accurate and one shot will generally blow the character away.


Grenade - Timed explosive weapon (thrown)
Plastics (C4) - Detonated explosives
Bazooka - Disposable single-shot explosive projectile launcher



Male 1 x2 - Male NPC human character, at least two and needs different dress styles
Female x2 - Female NPC human, again at least two different dress styles
Child x4 - Mixed male and female children of various heights
Soldier x2 - Male human soliders, should be combat styled
SWAT team x2 - Human SWAT team - should be armed and covered in armour (with helmets)

All human characters will need a Zombified version

Character Actions


All people should have the following actions:

Walking - Person walking normally
Running - Person is running normally
Panic - People are in a state of panic / fear
Wounded - Person is wounded
Dead - Person is dead
Firing - Fire a weapon
Attacking - Attacking with a melee weapon / fists
Defending - Defending with a melee weapon / fists


Eating - Eating a standing person
Eating - Eating a fallen person
Grappling - Wresting with a person
Crawling - Crawling when legs have been destroyed
Walking - Slow walk/stagger motion (arms down)
Predator - Arms forward, faster running motion

It's struck me that there will be a lot of animation frames needed :(
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