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Busy busy busy.

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I haven't updated in quite a while, but i've been quite busy pounding out some PHP [smile]. That's the solution I went with for my boss' database needs. It'll involve installing PHP, Apache, and MySQL on the office computer, but it's (I think) a very flexible system and a bonus is that I could add features on the spot without having to go home and use MSVC++.

I've got the bulk of the work done, i'd say ~90%, but I keep thinking of new things to add everytime I work on it. I've decided to finish this one feature (updating records, so it's a pretty big one i'd say [wink]) and let them review it and do changes from there. My experience with PHP and MySQL has been very good though, I hope i'll get to use it more in the near fututre. Need to think me up a personal project [lol].

In more game dev related news, I have discovered a student chapter of the ACM (Association for Computer Machinery) at my college and on their message board have expressed interest in doing a game development project. I added some advice, and the head of the chapter seemed to appreciate the advice. Their initial thought was to develop a 3D game and were requesting people look for engines that may be used. I suggested that they start the team out working on a 2D game, just to get their feet wet and then jump over to 3D after everyone has experience of a game under their belt.

The head of the chapter replied and asked if I would like to take on the role of project leader for this. That's a pretty big responsibility, even for a 2D game, so i'm still undecided. I thought about just writing up a document of things to be involved and posting it for them all to look at, but I really don't know about leading it all. I've never been much of a leader, but this could be fun.

I've not worked on Reversi lately, been too busy with PHP, but I hope to change that this weekend. I should be done with the database, and then I can work on the game [smile].
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