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A product of boredom isn't necessarily a bad thing

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As mentioned previously, I bought 6 Transformer cassettes last Sunday. And as you've noted, I've done a bit of modeling of Transformers in Blender. Well, I got it in my head to try a different approach to modelling, and I decided to test it by redoing Laserbeak. It's not quite as pretty as the old one, but that's okay for two reasons, a) this one already fully transforms (!) and b) I can manipulate the vertices after the fact to get it as pretty in condor mode as it was before. I've never done verex keys in Blender before, but it will be a lot easier trying to make a cassette look like a bird than trying to make a bird look like a cassette.

What I did this time was start with a cube, in the shape of the cassette. Then I carved it into its respective parts, and tried rotating and parenting them so I could transform it into the condor. After a couple of hours work, the results can be seen here. I even added a (Photoshopped) scan of the toy as a cheap texture, which looks great on the cassette but isn't doing the condor any favours. If I can figure out how to "animate" vertices and textures, I'll be home free. Already it's pretty much an exact replica of the toy, aside from being a bit boxy-er. I need to do more cassettes; these things are even easier than Slapper. [cool] Took me about two hours so far.

Code was done on TMS to tweak the controls for the "heel slam". I'm trying to hit a balance between how much you can and can't control the recoil from the jump. You'll see what I mean when you play it. I'm probably going to work on the jump-punch animation next. This playing with Blender to make Laserbeak is also an effort to learn more about how it works (man, does this program have hotkeys out the wazoo) so other models for TMS will be that much easier.

(this is a partial lie; I didn't want to waste another day sitting on my ass procrastinating, so I decided to do this. I figure it's better than nothing.)

Work has gotten more enjoyable. I've been given the responsibility of maintaining all the extra stock parts which have been sitting around waiting for them to be used. Of course, no one was managing these things, so I guess they were just waiting for the magic furniture faries to come along and use them. I've got a ton of work ahead of me to organize wagon upon wagon of random parts, but already we're using some of it up. Remember how I said the new foreman was implementing a bunch of common-sense innovations? There you go. I was amazed no one actually had a plan for what to do with all that stuff. What were we hanging onto it for if no one planned on using it? Were those piles made for decorative purposes? Maybe we were collecting them, like Beanie Babies? Eesh. Anyway, I enjoy it. I already have to clean up and stack all my own scrap, so I have a lot of experience doing with it. And it's easy. If everything wasn't so friggin' dusty, it might actually be fun.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. Days off from work are, as always, treated as work days in front of the computer. I resolve to do something worth reporting on. Probably at least get a start on that TMS animation. There really aren't that many left to do ...

And finally, I'm almost set for ministry work at church. I need to be checked out for records of child abuse and such before starting on youth ministry, so I filled out my application and told my supervisor that I was available (among other days) Fridays for the youth service. So someone put me on for Friday, without realizing I hadn't been approved for that service yet. Whoops. See, parents are trusting their kids with the church for a few hours, so obviously there's a fair bit of screening that goes on. So I'm finally put on the schedule, and I can't do it. [lol] Man, what I go through. Hopefully I'll be approved before December, so I can at least do the last half of my schedule. [smile]

BTW, the best drink I've made with my juicer yet is two oranges and half a pineapple. Yum yum ...
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The transforming render looks great!

It's cool to see how your blending skills have improved since you started TMS. :)

Good job!

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