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Bulldozer Deluxe

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Did more work on Bulldozer Deluxe. I stole much of the look & feel (and code) from my completed Duck Tiles, as I think it's reasonably well organized. There's less code, because the move logic of Bulldozer's a bit simpler than Duck Tiles (which isn't all that complex). Since Bulldozer's more of a diamond than Duck Tiles, it's pretty-much a given that the logic's simpler.

There'll be more animation, though. I want rolling rocks and moving dozer-treads.

Been thinking of rebuilding my level-builder. I've had a standalone level editor for Bulldozer for years, and it'd be a simple matter of polishing it up a bit for further level editing. I was thinking, though, of making a level editor in Flash so people could make levels online and submit 'em to a back-end database on thecodezone.com.

One thing I'm definitely gonna do is add the ability to record a solution to your puzzle. One of the problems with my Duck Tiles contest was that people had to describe their puzzle's solution as a comment attached to the level. Problem was that the comments section was limited and sometimes people typed up solutions that didn't work. If you have to record your own puzzle solution and submit it along with the puzzle, that'd eliminate the problem of bad solutions.

Yeah I'm gonna have another contest. I'm gearing up for it.
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