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Early report

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Well, looks like your friendly neighbourhood Transformers collector can animate vertices now. Click the still shot for an animation (and just imagine the transformation sound effect) and note the movement of the wings (or just look at the wings in the still, compare with the old cassette render, and use your imagination). If I had known this sooner, TMS's shoes and hands would have been easier to handle. [smile] Blender's interface remains as unintuitive as ever, so I should probably make some notes on how I did this or I'll never remember.

I now have the m4d sk1llz to animate the rest of the model. If someone can give me pointers on animating textures so I can fade to the materials present in the render posted many moons ago, I'll be set. [smile]

I think I'll hit TMS again now ...
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Wow; important people read my journal. [grin]

Thanks for the complement. It's a shame Blender doesn't seem to animate textures in a manner I'd hoped. I think I'll go for a more cartoony material like the old render when the thing is finished.

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