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Apparently you guys liked my whoroscope. Allright, I'll post next week's whoroscope soon.

By the way, I'm level 28 now. And I should really stop playing this game once I reach 30 and get on to my other stuff.
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WHAT other stuff...?... I'm informing the Maple-Doubting investigative squad to come to your appartment tonight, scan your brain and fill it with shrooms, promptly eliminating these heretical thoughts and filling you with the strange desire to continue playing.

I've seen it done before, remember: I was in 'nam when the technique was first invented... [wow]

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Well, he's level 30 and played till 12:30 am. I think the Maple-Doubting Squad has nothing to fear.

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I'm also level 21 right now. I asked Mushu if anyone from gamedev stunk as bad as me, and well, your name came up.

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If Maple Story had PvP, I would attempt to kick his ass. Then I'd lose because he's much stronger than I am. So much for that.

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