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Design Doc-ing

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Stephen R


I didn't do anything really coding wise either yesterday or today. Mostly because we've been working on the design doc for the game. It should be finished up tomorrow evening, maybe sunday afternoon. I'll probably have a huge post soon where I'll describe the game but this post ain't it.

The game will be bigger than anything that I've finished before but I think with a design doc and people relying on me to get the game done I should be able to get to the end. I did order Game Scripting Mastery though because a lot of the game is going to be stored in scripts. I ordered it from on Monday I think so I should get it sometime next week.

I was just watching Battle Star Galactica. The fighters (vipers I think they're called) look so impressive and move extremely ellegantly. It really makes me want to make a space combat game. If it weren't for the fact that they are as boring as hell I might consider it. Actually there was one space fighter game I had I'd say about 8 years ago that was extremely fun. Unfortunate that I can't remember anything but the developers logo.
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