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There's no sad post emoticon to use, so I went with the old standby :(. [sad].

Ever receive news that hits you and knocks you back in your seat? Well, I got some of that tonight. One of my dad's friends, who he's known since elementary school, shot and killed himself sometime yesterday. In the hour or so since I received the news, thoughts have been racing through my mind about how someone could just end their life so quickly.

I had begun to get close to this guy, talking back and forth about computers, music, etc. And was planning on helping him do some work on his computer, and he, hopefully (since he was IMO a great guitar player), was going to show me some stuff on the guitar. I guess that just wasn't meant to be.

He was a cool guy, really laid back it seemed, but I believe he was also suffering from depression. I had to think for a moment if what I was hearing was real, he didn't seem like the type of guy that would do something like that.

The last time I talked to him (through e-mail) was offering some advice on antivirus software and spyware cleaner. His response seemed cheery and appreciative. I wish I had gotten to know him better. Today has suddenly turned into a terrible day.
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Wow, that sucks. It always hurts to lose a friend. Make sure you talk about it to someone and don't bottle it up inside.

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