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Holy Carp!

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Michael Tanczos


Oh man.. couple things to report since my last update. First, the soccer team I coach won our championship. For these kids (age 15 and 16) it was their first tournament championship ever.. I was happy to coach them.

Two, Bush won the election! Woo hoo.. our destruction is closer at hand than ever! Thank you Diebold, for making optical scanning voting machines that improperly gave so many votes to Bush. Bitches.

Third, good god.. this year is ridiculous. I get home night after night at 8:30-9:00.. only to get ready for the next day and go to sleep. Most nights I walk into my room, glance over at my computer monitor.. still off.. and crash on the bed out of shear exhaustion. Man I wish I had my PA math certification, I would have so much more time. I'm going to attempt to get some Gamedev.net work done this weekend.. thankfully Thanksgiving break is not far off.
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Hey T. I got a job at my school doing some work/study . . . 9/hr . . . i love inflation on the west coast. and of coarse in order for me to work there i had to get a pimped out computer with dual screens and a beefed up graphics card so i could . . . . "manage more then one server at any given time". Remember how i was in the first semester of Cisco? with getting 100's and stuff. . . well ITS HAPPENING AGAIN! its not soo bad. I just wanted to check in with you. . . so you can tell the underclassmen how "successful" networking students can become once they leave highschool. and as always say hello to your momma for me ;) oh and tell drago how i use mac in my school and that i hate them more then dogs crapping on my chest.

Pease out girl scout.

P.S. a Hizzah! for your soccor team . . .

P.P.S. This thing down here makes me hungry for cookies\/

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