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Been drawing artwork for the Zombie game for most of the day. I'm going for the hand-drwan isometric style and as a result, it's painstaking drawing each piece of art for the game. I'm going to have to craft some tools to speed up some of the stuff (Iso text rendering, etc) and use existing tools to do others. It occurred to me that all the character animation frames will kill me to draw by hand, so I'm looking to craft and animate some generic 3d model and essentially paint over the skeleton to get my frames. There's no way that I want to draw each of these by hand, no way!

I've been spending time on drawing one of the game buildings, a small convienence store called S-Mart. I'll probably change it to avoid the wrath of Sam Raimi's lawyers though. I really like drawing stuff by hand, but as I said - it takes so damned long to get anywhere. Then I have to split it into tiles for rendering - but then, my engine will happily accept HUGE feature tiles, provided they conform to the texture limits. w00t.

Oh, and I keep getting pwned by Firefox. Even the 1.0 release isn't that stable - pah.
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