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Yet another side project

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I was inspired to start this yesterday in Blender. This is just a little proof of concept. If you can't already tell what it's going to be, you officially suck.

PS: TMS's jump-punch animation is looking fine ...
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Oh, right!

That's going to look awesome when you get the stairs in and texture everything. It *would* make a good christmas card, just make little elfish people with toys running around instead of mechanical... caterpillars?

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Which one is it, "Castrovalva" ?

He did several with the staircases etc?

Or is it just a generic Escher-inspired thing?


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Yeah, Blender. When I'm done it. [smile]

I think I'm going to have to fudge those stares a bit to make it all line up. I was hoping to model it to exact scale as the drawing (yes, I counted bricks) but I'm not sure that's possible ... shame. [razz]

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