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Dozer builder

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The new-n-improved Bulldozer level builder is about 2/3 complete. The only major parts to add now are the solution-recording and server-communication. Server communication is gonna require a server, so I'm eventually gonna have to teach myself PHP to write the back-end. Probably happen this week.

If anyone wants to check it out, I put the work in progress here. You can place stuff on the board, shift the board around, and play your level using the "record solution" button.

You'll notice that if you've got more than one dozer on the screen that all but one will be dimmed. To activate a dozer, click on it. This is the biggest change from the old bulldozers that only allowed one dozer on the screen at a time.

It also needs some logic to determine if you're trying to record a solution to a bogus level. If you just put a bulldozer on the screen and click "record solution", it'll just repeatedly tell you that it recorded your solution, because it determines that a level with no uncovered targets is a proper solution. There'll eventually need to be an error if:

- number of rocks != number of targets
- number of dozers == 0
- number of initially uncovered targets == 0 (level already solved)

I'll also need some way to display the level in text format in an edit field, so you can copy your level to the clipboard. It'd be a bummer to design a level just to see that your firewall prevents submitting it or the server is down, so I'll want a way to cut-n-paste the level into an email and send it to me.

And, of course, it'll need to revert to its "unsolved" state when you're done recording the solution.

Anyway, it's mostly there. Lemme know what you think it needs.
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