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  • Random observation of the day.
    This journal has been viewed approx 2000 times.
    There are only 30 entries.
    That means each entry has been viewed 2000/30 = 66 times.
    So, assuming each entry gets, on average, 1 comment;

    ACK! There's a butterfly on my nose gets:
    P(comment:no comment) = 1:65

    Find your own P(comment:no comment)!!!
    And post it in your journals!!!!!! That way we can compare popularity, because just having high view counts might just mean you have more entries than everyone else. In fact, comment your comment ratios here so I can compare them, and if you post anything weird or outrageous, I'll redo the calculations myself and see if you were lying.

    Teh winnar gets caek and PI!!!!!
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Recommended Comments

Yeah, do mine too.

13,000 hits since 07/04. Dunno how many in the six years before that.

About twenty comments since 07/04. Comments were cleared with the import, but I had about 150 in the old format.

About 500 journal entries.

Lemme know if I win.

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I honestly have no idea...

This game never existed. Yes... good... look over there! A butterfly!!

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