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It's time for one of those "let's make the journal more personal" entries. Like when I posted my pictures. Today I'm just going to share the webcomics I read. And you may wish to read them too, since everything I like is approved for quality by the very definition. I'll list more or less from most favorite to least favorite.

Player Vs. Player: daily comic that's been running for five or so years. Follows the employees of PvP, a fictional video game review magazine.
Pros: daily, good continuity and ongoing plots, topical, funny, clean sense of humor, very professional and competent.
Cons: black and white (if that matters to you), not terribly punctual.

Megatokyo: hand drawn manga-ish comic following two Americans stuck in Japan.
Pros: well written long-running plots, good artwork, interesting characters and character interaction, any scene involving Largo is hilarious.
Cons: only updates 3 times a week, running late or skipping days not unheard of (ugh), not coloured (again, if that matters to you), while it's interesting it's not terribly original.

Homestar Runner: a site full of short cartoons featuring some really odd characters.
Pros: Come on; it's Homestar Runner! [cool] Very quotable and lots of running gags. Large collection of videos; you can waste a day in the archives. Clean humor for all ages.
Cons: updates are very slow (lots of effort goes into these, of course). Humor is not to all tastes.

8-Bit Theatre: a sprite comic that (loosely) follows the plot of the original Final Fantasy. One of the few sprite comics that doesn't suck.
Pros: Good dialogue, based on the classic Final Fantasy, pokes fun at genre conventions, well plotted, funny (swordchucks, yo!)
Cons: only updates three times a week, moves a bit slowly.

Real Life Comics: a basic comic about Greg and his buddies, all of whom are based on real-life people.
Pros: Colourful if repetative artwork, comes out every weekday, punctual, funnier than most, good ongoing stories
Cons: no real strengths. Just a competent, average webcomic. But reliable for teh funnay.

Questionable Content: a comic following the lives of a few people living in the city and the relationships between them, mostly between Marten and Faye. The title is appropriate; it brushes close to some vulgar material, but never really crosses the line.
Pros: big colourful comic five days a week, witty dialogue, interesting long-running plot, good characterization, the simple art style appeals to me.
Cons: well ... questionable content. [smile] How questionable is up to the reader. Dialogue can be a bit too witty to be believable; most people don't talk exclusively in one-liners.

Red Vs. Blue: movies made using the Halo video game. Follows the exploits of the Red team vs. the Blue team in Blood Gulch (until recently, anyway).
Pros: well written ongoing plot, innovative use of a video game to make movies, memorable characters and dialogue, very funny.
Cons: awfully foul mouthed, but censored versions of movies are (sometimes) available. Some of the humor can be crude, but it's pretty good about that. New episodes are slow to be released.

User Friendly: comic focusing on tech support staff, and on-the-job humor therein.
Pros: daily and punctual, competent, hand-drawn.
Cons: the (fairly constant) anti-MS bias is a bit grating. Humor doesn't exactly bust my gut.

Penny Arcade: topical game news/comic site. You all read it anyway; it's the biggest comic site on the Internet.
Pros: Well drawn, colourful artwork. Very topical, poking fun at current events. Some of the comics are oft-referenced classics. Tycho's news write-ups are entertaining too.
Cons: humor is very hit and miss for me, sense of humor is a bit crude, only comes out three days a week. No continuity, which is a bit of a sticking point for me.

VGCats: comic about video games (usually), with a small cast of characters inserted into the mix.
Pros: great artwork; very colourful and well-drawn. Pretty creative. Does a good job of finding humor in games and the industry.
Cons: high vulgarity, which is starting to get on my nerves. Due to high quality of art, comes out slowly (weekly, if that), and a lot of them aren't terribly long.

Little Gamers: Swedish semi-topical web-comic about gamers.
Pros: some unique running gags, pokes fun at current events, artwork is cute
Cons: art is also very simplistic, language can be vulgar, humor can be both. Okay, but not great.

All for now. Lat0rz.
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Boolean may not be too happy you left him out. He may kill you in his next comic [grin]

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You don't read GameDev: The Comic? Shame on you, sir. Anyway, I'm slightly surprised to see two comics on your list that weren't on mine. Your contribution to the ArchWizard Collection is appreciated.

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I knew about it, but I hadn't paid much attention to it until you mentioned it here. Why did you guess QC? Is it relatively obscure or something?

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