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This weekend I've been able to implement quite a few things for the game:

- sphere-triangle collision with the track. This is as far as I plan to go for now, so it's not detailed, but it seems to handle all cases correctly. The collision response needs some work; right now it simply slides the 'car' along the side of the track. However, I'm not sure how I want to handle this.

- controls. You can now steer the 'car'. It's pretty rudimentary but it seems to work okayish. Does need some tweaking, and I need to add brakes :D

- fixed the calculation of track points from the bezier curve. The segments now all have the same length, which works a bit better for collision detection, and for the camera position

- camera system. The camera follows the car at a certain distance, but always stays in the middle of the track. That way there is some indication of off-centre distance.

ToDo list:
- port to Brew
- add 'car' model
- store progress during track
- save progress
- load progress
- replay progress as ghost
- ghost model
- lap mode

The first thing to do now is port to Brew, since I can finally work on my regular computer again.
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