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Who besides me is NOT a flatulating dunderhead?

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Yes I know my IM handles are available on my profile page.

If you're incapable of writing a coherent sentence, however, please don't IM me.

. . .also if you need help with bittorrent, don't IM me. I never gave any indication that I know how to use bittorrent.

. . .also if you've seen one of my book reviews, don't IM me to ask "hey is dat book any good?" I made it quite clear in the review if the book is any good. If you can't be bothered to read three paragraphs of review, then you don't have the faculties to read an entire book. You should instead spend the money on a ticket to "Seed of Chucky".

. . .also, don't IM me to ask if directX is superior to openGL or vice-versa. I'll likely just send you down the wrong track with a dishonest answer.

. . .also, don't ask me to join your development team. I'm the wrong guy for the job. I'm not a team player. I'll just end up destroying your project for the sheer glee of doing so.

If you can follow these rules, feel free to message me.
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I have a problem about the DX vs. ogl one. Using the known fact that your answer will be dishonnest, can we safely assume that I should use ogl (or DX) if you said DX (or ogl) is superior?


I know, this was a stupid question...

Emmanuel D.

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