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Piracy, and our stance on it

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Myopic Rhino


Weekly weigh in: 238.0

I changed my eating patterns last week. I was eating 3-4 meals a day (usually 3) which isn't ideal for either weight loss or muscle building. I've now switched to 6 meals a day, which for me works out best as three larger meals spaced about 6 hours apart, and three healthy snacks in between, including a milk/peanut butter/chocolate protein powder shake at 9 pm. I've also bumped up my total calorie intake a bit. I think that my body was previously going into starvation mode occasionally, thus reducing fat loss and increasing muscle loss. Now, I never really feel hungry, and I'm still losing weight.

Anyway, on to other things.

The issue of piracy - and more specifically, GameDev.net's stance on it - has come up several times recently. Our policy to date has been to permanently ban anyone who posts on our forums asking for, condoning, or even admitting to using pirated software. We ran a poll to get some community feedback on this policy, and found that although most of you appreciate our anti-piracy stance, about half of you think that permanently banning people is a little harsh.

After some discussion, we decided to revise the policy, which will be reflected in the forum FAQ soon. To sum up:
  1. Asking for, telling people where to find, or encouraging people to use pirated software will still result in permanent banning.
  2. Admitting that you use pirated software can result in suspension or warning, at the moderator's discretion. If you have a history of problems, a full banning may be in order.
  3. Admitting to having used pirated software in the past will not generally be a punishable offense, unless you're doing so in a context that implies approval of piracy.
This policy is only slightly less strict than the previous policy, but it gives the moderators more room to use their discretion and not be bound by an overly strict rule.
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