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I am going to upload the fixed-up Accidental Engine binaries and source to the website, I promise. I got sidetracked on fixing the godawful ugly help screen, which turned into a whole bunch of GUI related rewriting. Up til now, in most of my projects I've been using some ancient GUI code I wrote many years ago--ugly stuff that was pretty nasty to work with, so I've been re-writing some cleaner stuff. The new is signal/slot based so it's much easier to work with (compared to the callbacks in the old crap); small problem occurs in that SigSlot compiles on my machine (Linux/GCC), but with a whole bus-load of warnings--mostly warnings about deprecated usages. To retain sanity, I have to disable these warnings, which for some reason makes me edgy. (I sometimes tend toward the sloppy side, and warnings are usually my friends.) Ah, well...

Enough procrastination. Get back to work, dammit!
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