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webpage madness

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I have started learning how to make webpages here is my current webpage http://members.gamedev.net/basictuts/mypage.htm
don't ask why I named it that its a long story:).tell me what you think and what webpages I should put in there on version 4.0 Im gonna add vb tutorials,assemblytutorials,pascal tutorials a guestbook, and some crappy games that I made.for some reason the pics won't work!!!All in all I think its pretty good for my first few tries.
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html - it will save your life someday

Maybe it will. Or maybe just a couple of bucks[grin].

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You have to upload the images to your account. Then just use

<img src="mypic.gif">

where mypic.gif is the name of your image and file type.

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Can you send them to me through my email? I'll see if I can get them to work.


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