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Been a few days ...

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Okay, so the model is more or less done, and more or less rigged for animation. The butt needs work though. [razz] But I rendered a sprite-sized pic and you really can't see any flaws, so I'll leave it, even though the model lacks much detail (that no one will see anyway [smile]). I'll post a pic as soon as PhotoBucket gets its act together.

I also got an offer to make a webpage for someone (yays!). I need to brush up on my PHP; be nice to earn some cash coding. So I'm switching to that this week. I'm 2 days through a 3 day work-week, so I have lots of time to get back in gear there. I may only need to use HTML to do it. [grin] We'll see. I want to do a good job so I can use it to show future employers how much ass I kick.
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