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The Aftermath

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Rob Loach


After hacking away with the SDL wrapper I made, I came up with a very simple version of pong.

And yes, you can download it. I'll eventually release the source. Now that I look at it, it's quite horribly done . Well, that's what you get when you code without planning. It also lacks a scoring system, but this'll give me enough experience with the wrapper to move onto Tetris. Any suggestions before I move on?

If you guys prod me enough, I'll release the source.
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Ummm...which graphics program did you use for that wrapper/game?Gonna take a guess and say photoshop or paintshopro.

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I used Macromedia Fireworks to work with the graphics (it's actually quite good). I made the text images from scratch while the rest I ripped from other games. The background is from Marvel VS Capcom and the paddles and ball are from the SpriteLib free sprite library.

My head as the ball? Brilliant! I'll do it tomorrow.

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