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Zombies = Heroquest

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Okay, so on the path to a Heroquestish game (which is quite a gooball, if I do say so myself), I don't want to just jump in and drown, so I decided to look into making an intermediate complexity game. Honeycomb=>Cowhead=>ChemHex=>No Mess=>Heroquest just didn't seem like a logical progression.

The intermediate step is Zombies!!!, a "board game" I have.

Interestingly enough, I once e-mailed the folks at Twilight Creations and asked if they were interesting in licensing out this game. I was told "not at this time, ask in a year." It has been six months since then.

Make game now. Get license later, or change name and theme of game. Besides, they have all of the rules posted on their website, so it's not like the game is secret.

So, I made Zombies.xml, which is the start of a rough description of some of the game components in xml. I started with the tiles and the cards. I have many of the "squares" attributes messed up (lesson: draw things out first). If you are taking a look, the squares attribute contains nine characters that appear to be hex digits. This is an encoding scheme for which directions a token is allowed to move. 1 represents north, 2 east, 4 south, 8 west, add together all of the directions needed. The layout attribute represents where the zombies, hearts, and bullets may be placed.

I've seen modifications of Zombies!!! rules for solo play, and I'll probably go for something like that, as I don't really want to make a multiplayer game.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


It's me, John. For some reason I got logged out so it made me anonymous.

/me views the spec

/me slides the spec back to TANSTAAFL with two comments penned in the margins

"Don't make a licensed game on speculation. Licenses are hairy things and if you don't have the license from the onset you might end up with a game you can't legally release, thus requiring you to do an extensive retrofit. If you like the idea but can't get the license, you should make an original game in the same genre and keep the entire royalty for yourself. As for themes, how about a city/battlefield/ocean-lab/space-station being slowly overrun by dimwitted bugs/blobs/things. It's the same 'spirit' as Zombies, but without the royalty."

"Much hexes"

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Of course. I'm just using the original game as a starting point. I've looked into making it hexified as well. It makes the tiles rather small (seven hexes), and the tiles go together a little strangely, but I'm certain I can overcome that problem.

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