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Guest Anonymous Poster


It's me, John. For some reason I got logged out so it made me anonymous.

Several comments, so forgive the ramble. . .

Genuinely intriguing. Sorry you couldn't find an interested publisher, as it definitely seems to be a step away from every other typical book out there. And being a reviewer, I've read every other typical book out there.

I enjoyed the part about "repeat to yourself, I'm going to make fifty games". I was stuck between two things of which I am reminded. . .

- Lucas Jackson saying "I can eat fifty eggs" in Cool Hand Luke.
- Around 1970 Roger Corman (of course, everything reminds me of Corman because I'm obsessed) answering "one hundred" when a tempremental star was questioning his directing credentials and wanted to know how many movies he made.

Anyway, I wanna help the effort. In my closet, I've got two original BASIC Computer Games and More BASIC Computer Games by David Ahl. Together they've got 185 computer games with commented source. I'll let you borrow 'em if you promise to give 'em back. Although you might be better off buying 'em on ebay. You can get both for a little under ten bucks shipped.


It's a damn shame that magazines like Creative Computing (and 80-Micro, and Rainbow, and a hundred others) aren't around anymore. I could certainly see this more as an ongoing series of magazine articles, much like those magazines always contained a complete game in 'em. It's a shame that gamedev: the magazine never got off the ground. It'd be perfect.

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This might very well be one of the best ideas during my time on Gamedev. If nothing else, it is genuinely inspiring.

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Sounds interesting. Keep it up.

Oh, I almost forgot:
I have made over fifty games!

Let's go!

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I'm thinking of going along with all these as well. Except I will implement them all in DirectX. That should give me some fun exercises :). And I'm goign to require myself to do all the brownie points as well. Perhaps I will also add some of my own stuff, like High Scores and such. Well, I think I'm going to go home and start working on my DirectX GUI system again :).

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