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So, I finally got around to starting to implement syntax highlighting for source blocks, so like a good programmer my first instinct was to look for components to reuse. Since I'm using C#, I first looked for C# syntax highlighting programs, but I couldn't find one with the level of customization I wanted, so I turned to C/C++ programs that I might be able to repackage as a .NET assembly.

The first C++ package I looked at was ancient, but updated incrementally over the years. Consequently it was a mess. Some source files were written in C, some were in C++. There were multiple flex generated parsers mixed in the same program, and a lot of communication was performed using global variables. Needless to say I passed on that one.

The second one I looked at seemed clean at first, but contained a lot of simple C++ mistakes like passing std::string objects by value instead of const references, out of bounds array access and memory leakss. However, it seems to do what I want, and seems well enough contained that I should be able to extract the actual parsing parts without too much trouble. Now the question is if I try to go through and clean things up on the insides.
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