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Here's a screenshot of the current state:

More work this evening.

Update: I've tested a track with height differences this evening, and my collisiondetection/response and the physics are going bonkers. Some nice debugging to do tomorrow :(
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Nice. The best my cellphone can do is snake.

What is your polygon count/fps for that thing? Man, can't wait to see all the other entries! Gonna be pretty interesting.... [grin]

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Polycount: 2 glutspheres + currently 6 triangles per track segment, in that track just under 200 segments = 1200 tris/frame. Add a few billboards for the UI.
FPS: I'm getting 450 on a Radeon 9600 Pro on my own (very much un-optimized) framework. No numbers yet on the emulator obviously.

And thanks for the encouragement; that makes it worth it ;)

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