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Michael Tanczos


Ahh, this is my first non site-related journal entry. More career-related than anything. I am a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor at Easton Area High School in Pennsylvania. In order to teach in PA you need to be certified. In my case, I need a mathematics certification..

Math teachers are required to take up to Calc 4 (as labeled in most U.S. Universities). Synthetic Geometry, linear algebra, abstract algebra, stat, discrete math, ... I'm lucky enough to have a few courses on the "big list" that aren't offered anywhere other than during the day.. when I work.

So how can I teach without a cert? Well, lucky for me they do have a law that allows me to obtain an emergency permit to teach. This is always granted to those districts who demonstrate an extreme and immediate need for a particular type of teacher. I suppose it was hard to find a Cisco Instructor with a Math Certification. In this case a candidate with a B.S. degree in a related field can step into the role of teacher and complete their work towards a permanent certification as they teach.

Why a math certification though? Because *there is no computer certification*.

but.. a math cert.. is like an entire extra frickin degree.. 56 credits beyond what I did in my computer science undergraduate degree. These aren't general electives.. but specialized math and teaching-related courses. Oh btw, in case you were wondering how many programming classes your programming teachers were required to take in PA.. the answer is one. One lousy, stinkin class.

Well, right now I am worried.. the availability of the remaining courses I have to take is *extremely low*. If I cannot meet the minimum requirements (9 credits a year) for an emergency permit then this year may be my last year teaching. We'll see what happens I suppose. Things have worked out okay so far..
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