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Go ahead! Have that heart attack!

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I basically had a day off today. They marched 10 of us into some Red Cross First Aid class for 8 hours today. Not that I'm taking it lightly, of course. Learnt some good stuff, and I got a nice little book to take home (First Aid: The Vital Link, Second Edition). It's some pretty cool stuff. I took CPR and first aid way back in high school, so it wasn't entirely alien to me, but obviously I'd forgotten a lot of details. If I had been in a car accident a week ago and I'd have happened on the scene first, I wouldn't have been too optimistic to see me, really. Now, I'm not so worried. This training might come in handy during ministry too, since I work the youth shift. I don't know why I would think youths have a higher rate of dropping unconcious than, say, the elderly. But folks trust us with their kids/teens all night, so I guess we'd bloody well be as capable as possible if something does happen.

Also, the House of Stairs is filling vacancies.

Needs work, obviously, but I'm happy with how it's progressing.
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