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So It's Been a While...

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Well, so much for debugging and testing on Sunday eh? [smile]. I ended up spending the day at a gymnastics meet instead. Then Monday I was shopping all day for a bookshelf for my room and then spent the night catching up on email and forums and doing the GDNet newsletter. Then Tuesday I bought and assembled the shelf, and then spent the night out hanging with the guys like I do every Tuesday. I usually get in some decent code time on Wednesday, but I helped my friend tape him doing some gymnastics and stunts since he had to go to his daughter's class and talk about his job as a coach and stuntman. It was fun. I bounced some tramp, he swung some bars, we both tumbled a bit. He did a handstand on parallel bars and I held the cam upside down zoomed in, and then pulled back and flipped it - just to trick the kiddies. Then we did some high falls, I taped him saying "and now, some high falls", and then kept the camera on him while I fell backwards onto the crash mat. That was cool. After a few more falls we shot a fight scene too. So that was Wednesday night.

Then today I finally got about 4-5 hours in. I ripped out the boost::function callbacks and replaced it with the boost::signal library. Much better. The Katana Engine compiles again! w00t! I was going to test it but unlike the function lib, the boost::signal needs a DLL or at least a LIB to link to. Trouble is I have no clue how to use makefiles. I've just never had to use them. So I dug through the docs and downloaded bjam.exe and tried running it but it wouldn't work, and now I'm trying to figure out how to configure the damn thing cause VC++ Express doesn't have the same directories as VS .NET so the defaults paths for the vc7.1 build isn't working. Pain in my ass. Stupid cross platform libs, making me compile my own damn libraries. Argh!!

So now I'm stuck again, on the verge of testing my blasted scrollbars. dammit. I'm going to bed...
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