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Shippin' it

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Wow, it's been a really productive time for me lately. Not only is gmBind almost done (eg: ready for shipping a beta) but the data analysis and validation application I was writing at work has just entered live use status. A team of about 5-6 people will be using it daily in a live environment - time to double check those bugs, right?! Luckily I'm in a position that I can collect feedback and perform regular bug fixes until it's fully stable. I'm pleased that things have finally come together, it's always nice to see a project come to a successful end.

So maybe now I won't be crunching at work I can take a breather and work on some game projects again. I'm really dying to get Manta-X sorted out. jsInvaders and the corresponding article are in desperate need for some work due to me being horribly side-tracked. I think I'll set some time aside this weekend and get some work done on that. I also have a few ideas for the proposed 4 Elements contest, so hopefully I'll have some time to work on the base library I've been using for this Zombie game test and use some of it in that (if I decide to enter).

Fun times - time to knock up a webpage to release gmBind 0.9.0 I think.
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