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Update on the game:

- Skybox ported to Brew
- Track ported to Brew (texturing works correctly now)
- Player ported to Brew, but little functionality yet
- Collisions work, and the basic physics integration of the player also
- Cleaned code to check all memory allocation in RaceGame and Player classes (not yet in texture loading classes)
- The game exits somewhat gracefully if it cannot allocate memory somewhere (due to above item)

- Clean texture loading code
- Port player controls
- Port Ghost
- Port player recording
- Port fonts
- Port race conditions (lap info, time, etc)
- Move static data into a BAR file
- If possible examine different texture formats to save space
- If time allows implement simple menu for multiple tracks (different tracks are easily created in my editor, and it would be nice if I could enter the game with more than a single track)
- Implement player/ghost models (I've got something going for this so they should be half decent models)

Current state:

Weekend tomorrow so I should have more time to program.
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