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Sorted, baby.

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A simple search/replace-all sorted out the sigslot warnings. It was just a whole long list of implicit typename warnings.

I've almost gotten most of the major issues ironed out, and I'm hoping to get this updated version of Accidental up. I'm going to have to do a little re-working of existing tutorial scripts to accomodate some minor changes, which is why I have held off on releasing any new tutorials until I can get the interface nailed down tight. I've got a load of stuff I want to get out there, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can get things ironed out.

The engine now supports multiple wallsets, and up to 8 layers of ground. I haven't gotten around to building any new wall sets, but that may be a project for this weekend, assuming I have time. Graphic sets can be specified by the generation script, so no more being stuck with the default grass-n-dirt set; now all I need to do is provide a few alternative sets for indoor environments, to give the maze and dungeon type generation methods a little more suitable context. [grin]

Yay. I get to flush the radiator in my truck, swap out my leaking heater core and (nastiest of all) change out the leaking heater-hose to manifold adapter. The latter is so corroded and limed up, I'm afraid it isn't going to come out easy. I'm probably looking at a pretty full day tomorrow of working on this thing, but it badly needs it. The whole cooling system has been leaking like a septic wound for months now, and I'm finally getting tired of it.

EDIT: What the heck. Here's a recent screenie, since I like posting images.

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