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Starfish sandstorm in the desert of time.

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Well I am just about to make a bacon sandwich. It's 1:15pm on a saturday afternoon, and I have a lot of university work to do this weekend, including Java and a game design document.

But let's face it, you don't want to read about my work, do you?

Life is good. I am great. The sun is shining and it's a bit cold.

I have a new lady-friend.

Yeah so anyway. I recently discovered a band called The Arcade Fire, who are ace. Also I just realised that The Mars Volta are playing in Glasgow in March. This pleases me.

So yeah. Anyone who watched my Rosie movie may be interested to know that I submitted it to newgrounds, and 250-odd views later I got an email saying that they withdrew it because it got such a low rating. Comments like this were left:

"Wtf was that!
The opening statement explains this cartoon to a T
This was crap thats what the fuck it was very unoriginal very poorly animated and to boot it didnt make any sense what so fucking ever"

"You know you realy suck, why dont you do us all a favour and not make any more flash films OK!

I totally lolled my lolling lol off.

K guys i'm outta here catch ya on the flippity flipside y'all. Word.

EDIT: Btw I just realised that I included the above picture of Rosie the lizard right after I state that I have a new lady-friend. I would like to clarify that I did not mean that Rosie was my new lady-friend. That would be silly.
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I thought that putting up the Rosie picture was odd. I mean, hasn't she been your lady-friend for a long time now? [wink]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


i was looking on the internet in google to be precise and found out that your famous in the world wide web. well you seem to be happy thats for sure. i'll be home on the 12th of january. not sure if you have a place for a jobby like me in your life. anyhoo



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