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Laserbeak update

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I fixed the wings up. I was having a lot of trouble duplicating them without linking the IPO data, which was pissing me off. All's well now. Just to make things different, I used toy/cartoon colours this time, switched to toon shading, and added outlining.

The head and feet need sculpting a bit, and a few details to add to the body. Plus the weapons of course. I think those will just magically descend from on high as he transforms. If I'm feeling really fancy, I'll try to rig it so they pop out his back in some form.

Working on TMS the rest of the day ...

EDIT: BTW, the sprites for TMS currently clock in somewhere around 45MB. [wow] Those sprites have a lot of padding around the edges since they're currently all the size of my Blender window. Bola needs functionality to trim the fat off the edges (while preserving offsets). Until then, good thing Grabber has compression ...
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Chris, as well as trimming the TMS sprites have you thought about using one of the PNG libs to compress them afterwards?

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From what I know about the original TF universe, the consensus about things like resizing 'bots as they transform and "magically appearing" weapons and other bits, is something called 'subspace'. Imagine that you had a pocket that, when you reached into it, was actually another space other than in your pants. Imagine next that you can store things of any size in there. Its something like that. When (for instance) Megatron transforms, he goes from a massively huge mechanical form to a gun small enough to fit into a human's hand. Where did all that extra mass go?

If this were the case, and you were to actually go with it, I'd probably visualize [the unit that fits on Laserbeak's back (in the tape holes) with the cannons on it (???)] as an energon effect fading from nothing to full-bright energon coloring, and then fading from full-bright energon to the actual object. Run that over a bit of time, and see how it looks. Dropping them in from out of nowhere will probably look bad. I mean, thinking about Optimus Prime transforming to a truck and watching that trailer come from off-frame... man, THATS a trip. Where was it before? Why didn't we notice it there? [end rant]

Nice animation.

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