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Another Day... another tribulation

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Well after 3 months (on and off) of Hung-Fot Kung-Fu training, I'm going for my basics test. My flexiblity is still horrible but hopefully I'll be able to work on that during the Christmas break. Also I got two wonderful new books: Data Strucutures for Game Programmers and Tricks of the (Actual) 3D Game Programming Gurus. The latter is massive and very intimidating. I won't be reading that book until after I finish Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus and Data Structures for Game Programmers books.

During my Winter Break, Japanese will be my language of choice. I'm still having trouble memorizing the hiragana. I only (barely) remember 30 of the 45 characters. Oy!

And I'm finally finalizing my plans to move out! Woot!! Now I just need to save up enough money and not get sick again, so I can do it.

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