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Well... it has been some days since my last post. Nothing really special has happend. I just have a sh**load of work to do because of the scrap project planning of my project manager.

My last post is dated last wednesday... and after that post I didn't see my children for 2 days because I left before the got out of bed and came back long after the were back in bed.

Additionally my daughter is quite ill. Since last thursday she can't eat anything without throwing up. It was somewhat better on saturday, when we decided to go to the doctor. But she restarted becoming very ill this night.

My son is ill, too. Doesn't seem to be quite dangerous. Nevertheless, the doctor prescibed some medicaments and he has to inhale 3 times per day a medic mix...

My wife's grandma was at our home for the last couple of days and she's going to leave today. It's always nice to have her around because she's always a story or two to tell. She's been in the belgian Congo colonies. And this week-end she learned a lot of things about the internet, when my wife and her made some research on the topic.

Haven't done much programming since the last entry, mostly because of the above points.
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